Dylan is Everywhere…

It was mentioned in class today how interesting it was that now that we are elbow deep in Bob Dylan, we’re seeing him everywhere. Here’s a fun example of Dylan’s influence that will especially appeal to us English majors and word nerds out there.

It’s a Weird Al Yankovic video for a song called ‘Bob,’ in which every line of the lyrics is a palindrome. Enjoy!

-Shaun Baker


~ by shibadou on September 10, 2009.

One Response to “Dylan is Everywhere…”

  1. Blonde on Blonde was a very interesting album. It was blues oriented with many similar tempos. I got a very relaxed vibe from the whole album, which was nice.

    One thing I noticed is that Dylan kind of “talks with a tone.” I wouldn’t exactly call him a great singer. His music is brilliant, but the actually singing is not the best. Regardless, his “talking with a tone” fits his music perfectly.

    The lyrics of his music also interested me. Some of them are so straight forward, yet others are so complex. I found myself either completely understanding a song or totally lost. His poetic voice is quite interesting.

    When I was listening to the album, I was shocked to hear “Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine.” I did not know it was a Dylan song. I work at the Gap, and that song plays regularly on the Gap soundtrack. It’s obvious that his lyrics and music are timeless.

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