John Lennon Parody of Bobby D

So I was internetting some stuff about Bob and The Beatles, and I came across this parody John Lennon did of Bob sometime during their friendship.  There are a whole lot of cool videos on there of Bob and John if you’re interested–namely, a few of the two of them drunk in the back of a taxi.  Check em’ out.




~ by joeobie on September 21, 2009.

One Response to “John Lennon Parody of Bobby D”

  1. The clip of them in the back of the taxi was Dylan’s attempt at a “Dont Look Back” type documentary called “Eat The Document.” Even though Lennon is high and Dylan is very drunk, I think the interaction between the two is pretty interesting. They’re both uneasy around each other, and Lennon’s irritability seems ominous, since that very year he was mired in controversy surrounding the “we’re more popular than Jesus” comment, and would culminate in the end of their touring days.

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