Time Out of Mind

Time Out of Mind, released in 1997, according to many gets Bob back on track. The beginning of the “trilogy” of newer music, it is again full of all new compilations and beauty poetry and songs for Dylan fans to enjoy. Dylan begins the album with “Love Sick,” a very simple song in terms of music, just a few chords and his voice. In this song Dylan says “Im sick of love, but Im in the think of it.” What kind of love can be disputed: real love, rebound love, groupie love, music love, really any kind of love you can think of can be substituted, but whatever it is, he is tired of it. To me, the rest of the album seems to argue that he is sick of all types of love. Many of the other songs deal with different kinds of love, their turmoil, and heartbreak. All things that would make anyone “love sick.” However, typically Dylan takes a phrase which usually means totally in love and switches it up, doesn’t give you what you are looking for, but exactly the opposite.

“Standing in the Doorway” to me is a very honest and sad song. The melody and music used in itself seems sad and dragging. The lyrics come from a very dark place: “Don’t know if I saw you, if I would kiss you or kill you, It probably wouldn’t matter to you anyhow.” These remind again of Blood on the Tracks, where the lover has gone, he would like to see her again, but isnt quite sure what he would say. He is certain she would not be as thrilled to see him. The song could be about love in general, go back to his love affair with Sara, what he seems to think is the only love that he really had, or be about one of the many girls he could have been seeing. Throughout the whole song he seems to be longing for this girl; he definitely needs a shoulder to cry on.

In “Tryin’ to get to Heaven” Dylan seems to be doing a little bit better. The song is more upbeat, more happy. Her memory “doesn’t haunt [him] like it did before.” This song also talks about Miss Mary-Jane, perhaps a reference to him moving on with his life, trying again. Dylan as seen the world, but he is trying to get to heaven. To me this sounds like heaven is a good relationship, one that lasts.

After that little bit of hope, “Not Dark Yet” again makes Dylan sound like he is so sick of love, so sick of trying, just so over it. “I just don’t see why I should even care / It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there,” these lines make me think that Dylan, though he is trying to care, and still does a little, wont very soon. He is reaching his capacity. Dylan again says that he has been all over the world, but this time in a negative sense. He has seen all there is to see, and still he cannot find a place to call home, a good woman to come home to.

Time Out of Mind was a good comeback album for Dylan. It reminded his fans how beautiful and eloquent his writing was; reminded them why it was that they so loved his music and his art. The songs are varied, balanced between rock and blues, and all capture the essence of Dylan.



~ by madelinepage on December 4, 2009.

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