Time Out of Mind

When Dylan released “Time Out of Mind” it has been seven years since he has releases an album of original songs. I feel like it was worth the wait. When this record first came out many people considered it to be his comeback album, but I don’t think that he ever really left. He has always been making music, just at times the records didn’t etch their way into peoples souls the way that “Blond on Blond” and “Blood on the Tracks” do. “Time Out of Mind” is extraordinarily deep and at times even dark album. This album is full of grit, passion, longing, and regret that can stand among the best albums of his legendary career.

One thing that I believe sets “Time Out of Mind” apart from many of Dylan’s other albums is that there are no wasted words on this album. The lyrics on this album are even more direct then those on “Oh Mercy” and “Blood on the Tracks.”  Dylan is not using the same turn of phrases that he utilized in his earlier work. He has made the songs easier for many of his listeners to relate too, or at least understand their meaning.

Another thing that I noticed about this album is that it is full of dark songs, songs about a place you don’t want to, but can’t help going. The listener can almost feel Dylan’s pain when he sings “Not Dark Yet.” I feel that this song is a metaphor for dying. Shortly before Dylan wrote this album, it is well known that Dylan had suffered a serious illness that hospitalized Dylan. His hospitalization could have allowed him to reflect on how fragile his own life is. He does not seem like he is in despire and he isn’t welcoming death. As he sings, “I was born here, and I’ll die here, against my will. ”On this album it seems that Dylan is putting his emotions out there for you to either accept of reject.



~ by ssugrue on December 7, 2009.

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